Capitol Marine Gear

Formulas & Conversions

Imperial / SI ( Metric ) Conversions   
   Multiply Value By
 ImperialSIIMP > SISI > IMP
TorqueLB. IN.NM0.1138.851
Horse Power & Torque Horse Power & Torque
Torque Expressed in Lb. Ft. Torque Expressed in Lb. In.
HP =RPM  x  Torque HP =RPM  x  Torque
 5252  63024
Torque  =HP   X   5252 Torque  =HP   X   63024
Weights of Steel Plate & Bar   
Round Bar2.67  X  Diameter in Inches squared  X  Length in Feet 
Plate.2833  X  Thickness in Inches  X  Width in Inches  X  Length in Inches
Or41 Lbs / Sq. Ft. per inch of thickness ,  + –  
Overhung Loads    
An overhung load is a bending force acting on a shaft due to the torque transmitted typically by belt or chain drives
O.H.L. =126000  X   HP   X   F    X   LF  
 X  D   
O.H.L.Overhung Load in Pounds  
HPHorse Power   
NShaft RPM   
DDiameter in Inches of Pulley or Sprocket  
FService factorLFLoad Factor 
 1.0 For Chain or Gear Drive2.0 For drives with severe shock Loads
 1.5 for Timing Belt Drive or High Inertia is present
 2.5 for V Belt Drives i.e.  , Reciprocating Compressors
 3.5 for Flat Belt Drives Crushers, Chippers 
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